Racing events at the Le Mans Bugatti track &
local events for the 2016 season:

18-19 March

26-27 March

9-10 April

22-24 April

6-8 May

21-22 May

5 June

18-19 June

2-3 July

8-10 July

16-17 July

23-24 July

29-31 July

20-21 Aout

9-11 September

17-18 September

24-25 September

2 October

8-9 October

15-16 October

29-30 October

Exclusive drive

Championship of France Superbike

24 Heures Moto

V de V Endurance Series

Grand Prix de France Moto

Fun cup

Journée test

24 Heures du Mans

24 Heures Rollers

Le Mans Classics

23 heures 60 Moto 25 Power

Coupe de France Promosport

Super VW Festival

24 Heures Bikes

GT Tour

24 Heures Karting

Championnat de France Historique des circuits FFSA


24 Heures Trucks

Finale Mondiale Karting

Inter Ecuries


Useful Websites:

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Le Mans Official Website



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Le Mans 24hr Le Mans 24hr 2016
18th - 19th June

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